All About Brows

Written by: Christine Barsotti


It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul, so what better way to frame our most important feature of our faces than keeping our browns polished. Eyebrows can enhance our entire facial features and can grately benefit from sugaring. 

One way Eyebrows can help you look and feel more beautiful is by shaping them in the form of sugaring. Sugaring removes unwanted hair in a safe and natural way that suits every skin type. Made of sugar, lemon and water, it doesn't get more natural than that. Regular brow waxes can help you maintain a polished and professional appearance. Continued sugaring over time can even kill the hair follicle maintaining a perfect shape for the rest of your life. A good brow wax can even have the effects of lifting the face and enhancing eye shape. Who needs botox when you can have a brow wax?

Another way brow shaping can help is by maintaining a cleaner and more professional look. A good brow wax can help you have a positive lasting impression, especially in the professional world.

The last way brows can help with beauty upkeep, is a good brow product. Simple things like a brow pencil or a brow tint can add color to sparse areas and fill in those perfectly waxed eye frames, because lets be real, most everyone has some areas in their eyebrows that are more sparse or uneven brows. Their not twins, but sisters. A good brow product can even enhance eye color and brow shape. With sugaring, we can all have perfect brows, anytime, anywhere.