tips + tricks




  1. No hair removal of any kind two weeks before sugaring service
  2. Hair should be about ¼ of an inch long for best results
  3. Come to appointment with clean exfoliated skin
  4. Avoid lotions and oils the day of the service for best results


  1. Avoid clothing and activity that will cause friction on the treatment area.
  2. Avoid applying products to the treatment area for a minimum of 24 hours after service.




  1. Shower and exfoliate the skin before coming for the service.

  2. Do not apply any lotions, makeup, deodorant, fragrance or oils after showering

  3. Wear loose fitting dark clothing and sandals to your appointment.

  4. During your service you can wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable a swimsuit, panties or completely nude its up to you! Remember that you will have a tan line if you decide to wear a garment.


  1. Wait the instructed amount of time this varies depending on what product we use.

  2. Avoid any kind of water prior to showering.

  3. To lengthen the longevity of your tan, avoid scrubbing in the shower, soaking in water, pat dry after shower and keep your skin moisturized using a paraben and alcohol free lotion.

  4. Remember to apply sunscreen, as the solution does not protect against sun damage.